Coupon Haul 1/14/16

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to get back into couponing more this year– not that I’ve paused in deal-finding, but I haven’t been focusing on getting the best bang for my buck through coupons since most of what I buy, especially groceries, are off-brand.

However, January is a great opportunity to snag more health & wellness coupons than usual, so I wanted to take advantage of that by hitting up Walgreens this week. Now, I did pretty darn good, slashing my OOP cost by over 50%, but I hadn’t done my research to learn that Walgreens only accepts four coupons, period, per transaction. Had I known, I would have split up my purchase and saved more– but lesson learned!

I went in on a mission to get more lotion (winter skin–ick!) and they had a deal in their January Savings book for $2.00 off of one CeraVe product. PLUS the CeraVe products are on sale this week buy one, get one 50% off. Considering the 12 oz. lotions are 14.99 regular price that was pretty enticing… but throw in a manufacturer’s online coupon and a sunday paper one, and I’m sold!!!

So here’s how it went down:

One CeraVe lotion pump bottle: 14.99

One CeraVe lotion pump bottle (50% off): 7.39

Minus 2.00 per item Walgreens coupon, and 2.00 and 3.00 clipped coupons= $6.69 per bottle ($13.38 total, less than one REGULAR priced bottle costs!)

I also grabbed a bottle of Aveeno body wash since it was on sale for $5.46 from $7.29; and I had a dollar off clipped coupon!

So, total expenditure: $17.84 before tax.

Not too shabby. How are your coupon adventures going? 🙂