$50 in Groceries Week 4

(If you’d like to read this challenge from the beginning, please check out: https://mamanthems.wordpress.com/2015/04/25/could-you-survive-a-month-with-only-50-in-groceries/)

This week will be lighter, since we’re travelling for our one year anniversary during memorial day weekend…. so one more week on this challenge to go to finish the month of May! Woot!

This Week’s Menu:

Monday: Potato pie (with leftover curried mashed potatoes)

Tuesday: Pantry

Wednesday: orecchiette with sausage & rappi

Thursday-Sunday: N/A


Eggs 1.99
Milk 1.99
cereal 4.00
Bottle water 2.99
Ground Beef 4.09
Low sodium bacon 3.99
Sausage (on sale) 2.99
White mushrooms 3.99
Rappi (broccoli raab) 2.27

 Grand Total:                                                                                                                              $29.44


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