$50 in Groceries Week 2

So, this week’s menu went smoothly until the weekend, which I forgot was a conference that would take me out of town, so we had to fudge and improvise a little bit (two nights of pantry goodies instead of some of the menu meals). Also, something special about this week’s grocery trip; since I’m away, hubby did the grocery shopping! I admit, I was a little nervous– but with cash in hand and instructions to “stick to the list!” he did an amazing job!

Monday: Lasagna (since we fudged the menu a bit.)

Tuesday: Tofu-fried rice

Wednesday: BBQ ribs and vegetables

Thursday: Bean salad

Friday: kimchi fried rice

Saturday: -Pantry/grill night-

Sunday: chicken & rice


Tofu 1.99
ricotta cheese 2.39
Milk 1.99
Shredded cheese ( 2 bags) 4.98
Cereal 4.00
Bottle water 1.99
BBQ Sauce 2.29
Lasagna pasta 1.99
Tomato Sauce/Crushed tomatoes 1.69
Ground beef 4.13
Green onions 2.18
Red onion 1.37
Grape tomatoes 2.99
Nappa cabbage 1.20
Basil 1.29
Spinach salad mix 3.99

 Grand Total:                                                                                                                              $47.33


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