FINAL WEEK: $50 in Groceries

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So sorry for the late post; but I had to finish this chronicle of limiting myself to a budget of $50 a week for groceries. There were ups and downs along the way, but overall I think I discovered a new way of thinking about how I shop– and I found renewed respect for those who make it through with even less to spend on food. I will make sure to donate more to my local food bank after this experiment, every year. If you’re up to the challenge, I highly encourage it– and I hope sharing my experience has at least laid the groundwork for a plan you can use. 🙂

This Week’s Menu:

(Lunches: tuna and mac, a pasta salad)

Monday: N/A

Tuesday: Pantry

Wednesday: Slow-Cooker pork & rice

Thursday: Beans & rice

Friday: amethyst chicken (Chicken cooked in wine with onions)

Saturday: Dinner at a friend’s

Sun: Turkey burgers


Kidney Beans 1.99
Milk 1.99
Cereal 5.00
Bottle water 2.99
Ground turkey 3.21
Cheddar Cheese 2.49
Crushed Tomatoes 3.00
Sweet relish 1.49
Hamburger buns 1.99
Chicken thighs 6.71
Celery 1.29
Onions 1.69

 Grand Total:                                                                                                                              $33.84


$50 in Groceries Week 4

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This week will be lighter, since we’re travelling for our one year anniversary during memorial day weekend…. so one more week on this challenge to go to finish the month of May! Woot!

This Week’s Menu:

Monday: Potato pie (with leftover curried mashed potatoes)

Tuesday: Pantry

Wednesday: orecchiette with sausage & rappi

Thursday-Sunday: N/A


Eggs 1.99
Milk 1.99
cereal 4.00
Bottle water 2.99
Ground Beef 4.09
Low sodium bacon 3.99
Sausage (on sale) 2.99
White mushrooms 3.99
Rappi (broccoli raab) 2.27

 Grand Total:                                                                                                                              $29.44

$50 in Groceries Week 3

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Well, I’m happy to report this seems to be getting easier to figure out as we go. We have some leftover food items (like cereal from buying it two weeks in a row) and budget from last week that I am going to incorporate into this week’s plan, so even though we went a couple dollars over budget, I had the cash.

I was so nervous starting this challenge, but it’s really been just working on focusing on what we need and paying attention to prices. If I apply this concept to my grocery shopping all the time; then when I go back to pantry stocking, I should be able to adhere to my grocery budget a whole lot better than I have. 🙂

For this week my husband will be out of town for a few days, so I shifted my focus to more multi-meal dishes, like pasta salad to get through the odd days, and this week’s lunches are sandwiches (which I actually spent more trying to buy meat/cheese per pound than the deli packages we usually get, so I’m really not sure how to make that any cheaper other than getting a deal on the bread).

This Week’s Menu:

Monday: Spinach Pasta salad

Tuesday: Pantry

Wednesday: Egg-macaroni salad

Thursday: ham quiche

Friday: curried empanadas

Saturday: -Pantry/grill night-

Sunday: spaghetti with meat sauce


Wheat Bread– Double pack 4.00
tomato paste (2) 1.34
Milk 1.99
Shredded Cheddar cheese 3.99
Margarine .99
Bottle water 2.99
eggs (18 pk) 2.98
crackers 2.50
Minced garlic 4.99
Can of Canneli beans .99
Can of Cream of Mushroom Soup (2) 1.98
sliced provolone 5.24
Sliced Ham 8.23
Feta cheese 4.49
Strawberries 3.99
Spinach 1.77

 Grand Total:                                                                                                                              $52.36

$50 in Groceries Week 2

So, this week’s menu went smoothly until the weekend, which I forgot was a conference that would take me out of town, so we had to fudge and improvise a little bit (two nights of pantry goodies instead of some of the menu meals). Also, something special about this week’s grocery trip; since I’m away, hubby did the grocery shopping! I admit, I was a little nervous– but with cash in hand and instructions to “stick to the list!” he did an amazing job!

Monday: Lasagna (since we fudged the menu a bit.)

Tuesday: Tofu-fried rice

Wednesday: BBQ ribs and vegetables

Thursday: Bean salad

Friday: kimchi fried rice

Saturday: -Pantry/grill night-

Sunday: chicken & rice


Tofu 1.99
ricotta cheese 2.39
Milk 1.99
Shredded cheese ( 2 bags) 4.98
Cereal 4.00
Bottle water 1.99
BBQ Sauce 2.29
Lasagna pasta 1.99
Tomato Sauce/Crushed tomatoes 1.69
Ground beef 4.13
Green onions 2.18
Red onion 1.37
Grape tomatoes 2.99
Nappa cabbage 1.20
Basil 1.29
Spinach salad mix 3.99

 Grand Total:                                                                                                                              $47.33