Beat the hot Prices: Make Your own Bug Repellent!

Beat the hot Prices: Make Your own Bug Repellent!

Summertime means outdoor living—and outdoor living often means putting up with mosquitoes. For many people, the only way to deal with mosquitoes is to use a DEET-based repellent. While the EPA has deemed DEET safe if “used as directed,” this chemical pesticide carries a number of risks with it. Some studies have found DEET to be toxic in excessive doses, and a 2001 review of 17 cases of suspected DEET toxicity in children concluded that the chemical should be avoided on children’s skin.

Instead of slathering your skin in neurotoxins, opt for a safer, natural approach to fending off mosquitoes. In this video, Mother Earth Living Editor-in-Chief Jessica Kellner demonstrates how to make a bug-repellent spray using essential oils know to repel mosquitoes, such as citronella, as well as a few tips on choosing carrier oils and where to find good spray bottles.

For a full list of bug-repellent essential oils, plus more tips on how to ward off mosquitoes, check out the article Natural Mosquito Control Methods.

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DIY Crafts

This past weekend was a nice, relaxing opportunity… to dust off my sewing machine!

For an at-home weekend, nothing beats a good book or crafts. Here’s a couple of shots of what I got done:






I’ve also been expirementing with hacking/slashing up T-shirts to upcycle them into cool design tees and decorating mason jars. Soon, I think I’ll be confident enough to try a tutorial! Stay tuned! XD

DIY Goodies

Hello everyone! Summer is finally here and my palms are itch’n do do some crafts! I’ve scoured the web for projects, and I’ve found a few that look very fun: