Couponing 101

A lot of people have asked me the secrets to couponing… it’s really not a secret, but here’s a comprehensive article to help people get started.


The Golden Rule

On a personal note, I have renewed faith in people today. I fell in love with and bought a desk for my crafting at Salvation Army yesterday. I came to pick it up today, and it did not fit in my car at all. Not phased because my car has 0 hauling capabilities, I called my fiancee to borrow his car since most of the time whatever it is will fit in his spacious back seat. Not this time. It was about a half an inch too wide on every side to fit into his trunk or back seat. I joked about and then seriously considered laying a towel down and strapping it to the roof of my car with some rope or something. My sweetie turned down that idea, so we stood there for a moment, scratching our heads. Right when I was ready to accept the fact that this was an irreversable error and I’d have to give up my desk, a pair of elderly good samaritans (who were watching and probably laughing at our attempts to fit the desk in his car) offered to haul the desk and follow me home. Their names are Lois and Fran Gehl, and I could not thank them enough. When we got the desk into the garage I tried to insist on some kind of compensation for them driving all the way out there, but all they wanted was me to pay it forward. Which I will… and for those who read this, be kind to a stranger today for me.

Coupon Adventures! Week of 1/27-2/2

Okay, so this week I really wanted to pull together all I’ve learned in the last month getting into couponing. Most of the items on my list were either on sale, I had a coupon for, or both. I spend a few hours before the shopping trip looking through store ads and online match-ups to determine the best deals and strategize my trip around the stores. (Yes, multiple stores… something I’ve learned is essential to finding the best deals around where I live… however, it means driving to two different nearby towns, which is why planning the trip out is so important.)

Here was my list for the week:

Dollar Tree




Rite Aid

Covergirl BOG 50%

Naturesbounty BOGO



Natures Made BOGO

McCormick Seasonings

Avacados 10/10

Pistachios BOGO

Furamos Tomatoes 10/10

Lipton Tea

Purina Cat Chow

Tidy Cats Litter




Totinos pizza rolls 3/9

Lipton Recipe Secrets 2/3

Tops Batteries BOGO

T Bonz Treats BOGO



As you can see, when I constructed the list, I added in some of the deals at each store to remind myself, and also to compare incase I found better deals elsewhere. I also hit up another stop on my way to Weis, and scored another deal with a coupon I’ve had on hand for a week for Irish Spring bar soap.  I wound up not getting any Palmolive soap because no one had it on sale, but I double lucked out on the scotch-brite sponges and Weis had an on-product coupon on the Tresemme for 1.75 off, which when paired with the BOGO coupon I got out of the 1/27 paper, meant I got 4 bottles for 6.08. Not too shabby.

So here’s a basic break-down of how it went:


Total Before Savings

 Total Savings

Amount Paid

Dollar Tree




Family Dollar

















So I spent 133.54 for 221.33 worth of product, that’s a savings rate of 60%! For a beginner, I feel pretty proud of saving over 50% of my grocery bill this week. How are your couponing adventures going?